When kitting out the bathrooms in your hotel, B&B, guest house or other accommodation establishment, you will need to choose the right fittings and appliances carefully. Wall-mounted commercial hair dryers offer many benefits to enhance your guest’s experience and provide you with peace of mind regarding the safety of your gadgets.
The benefits you will receive include wall-mounted anti-theft installation, good power ratings and beautiful designs to complement any hotel or B&B decor. In addition, your correctly installed commercial hair dryer is a safe option even for use in a bathroom environment.

Read on to find out why you should select these stylish and durable products as essential items for your establishment.

1. Anti-Theft Installation

Wall-mounted commercial hair dryers are securely attached to the wall, which prevents theft and also reduces misuse. While statistically, towels, bathrobes and hangers are among the most commonly stolen hotel room items, unattached hair dryers are very tempting to the would-be thief.
The base of these commercial hair dryers is firmly attached to the wall, and the power is connected directly to the main, without a plug point being necessary. The cord of the dryer is firmly attached to the base, making the dryer very difficult to detach and therefore unattractive as an item that could easily be stolen from the room.

The clever installation of these appliances makes them a great addition to the bathrooms in your establishment. An alternative installation point would be at a dressing table or mirror in the main part of the room.

2. Compact Design For Space Saving

As there can sometimes be a shortage of space in the bathrooms in the hospitality industry, the clever design of these models is highly compact, taking up very little space in the bathroom. Being wall-mounted also means that they don’t take up any space on the bathroom surfaces, leaving these neat and clear of clutter.

3. Good Power Ratings

Wall-mounted commercial hair dryers are available in various energy ratings from 1200 to 1800W, all offering good drying performance to get the job done but at the same time not placing too much strain on your circuitry. Models will include various speed and temperature settings and ionic drying technology.

Having dryers with ionic technology is great because, as the dryer works, it produces millions of negatively charged ions. These negative ions will interact with the positive ions in the water molecules in the hair. Positive ion charges can cause damage to the cuticles of your hair as they open up the hair shafts.

The negatively charged ions produced by the dryer will not open the hair shafts, and each hair will remain smooth and sleek.
There are multiple benefits to using a dryer capable of ionic drying technology, including the following:

  • Hair can be dried using lower temperature settings, meaning that less heat damage is caused to the hair.
  • Curly hair will maintain its definition, and the curls will not be puffed out, making the hair appear frizzy rather than curly.
  • Hair will dry faster with ionic technology, reducing exposure to the heat of the appliance and saving on electricity, even for guests with the longest hair. At the same time, water is locked in, resulting in shiny, healthy-looking hair, all day long.
  • All types of hair will benefit from this technology in the reduction of frizziness. Hair will be smoother and sleeker, giving a better overall drying experience.

4. Electricity Savings

Another advantage is that the dryer will automatically turn off when replaced in its cradle holder. This means that the dryer will switch off immediately, reducing unnecessary electricity usage. The dryer cannot accidentally be left on, which would not only waste electricity but could also potentially be a fire hazard.

5. Beautiful Design To Complement Your Decor

Commercial hair dryers come in a variety of colours, including white, chrome and black, to suit all styles of bathroom decor. Their neat, compact design takes up very little space, and the wall-mounted installation means that counters are tidy, making these appliances the perfect option for your guest bathrooms.

Some models will also sport a dual voltage shaver socket that provides a safe bathroom power connection to use an electric shaver. These shaver sockets are also great for recharging battery-operated shavers and electric toothbrushes. This convenient addition ensures the ultimate convenience for all your guest’s grooming needs.

These stylish and affordable appliances are made to last. Manufactured using durable materials, they are designed to give you reliable and hassle-free operation over a long period of time.

6. Bathroom Safety With Commercial Hair Dryers

Correct installation of wall-mounted commercial hair dryers offers a good level of water resistance to ensure the safety of the product for use in a damp environment. These devices are also fitted with sensors that cause them to shut off in the event of overheating from overextended usage or from an electrical fault, providing your guests with the assurance of a safe bathroom appliance.

Appliances and electronic devices that have not been designed for bathroom use should be kept out of bathrooms and away from water sources. The design of most of these electrical appliances and devices will not prevent the condensation present in bathrooms from entering the body of the appliance. This dampness can make the outer cover of the appliance “live” and potentially lead to serious electric shocks if handled.

Therefore it is vital for your guest’s safety to ensure that all appliances and sockets you install in your establishment’s bathrooms are custom designed for bathroom use.

To get a quote or to order high-quality commercial hair dryers for your hotel or B&B, contact Technoswiss today. We have over 25 years of experience supplying the hospitality industry with a select range of high-quality and durable products. Talk to us about our premium wall-mounted hairdryers, mirrors and other essential items such as safes, fridges and bathroom scales; all manufactured specifically for the hospitality industry. Trust us to meet your needs with our exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

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