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Technoswiss are specialist providers of premium wall-mounted hairdryers, mirrors, and other quality essential items, such as fridges, safes and bathroom scales. All specially manufactured for the hospitality industry 

“Technoswiss have been supplying the hospitality industry with exclusive, precision-made and durable products for over 25 years. Our range includes hotel-grade hairdryers, with wall or drawer mountings or without, and wall-mounted magnifying mirrors. We also supply premium quality guest room kettles.

Conforming to the highest international safety standards and NRCS approved, we have a range of beautifully designed hairdryers and mirrors to complement any décor. We are also agents for selected JVD items.”



Commercial  Wall mounted Hair Dryer for hotels

We supply  Commercial  Wall-mounted Hair Dryer for hotels that are a great anti-theft hairdryer option for your hotel.

Hotel hair Dryer brands.

Techoswiss has round to make use of the famous JVD hair dryer brand as our chosen supplier.  “With their modern design, innovative technology, and classic or hoseformat, our broad range of hair dryers is suited to any environment, any universe, and any bathroom.” Find your hotel hair dryer easily amongst the 55 products from the leading brands.

Hotel Bathroom Hair Dryers

We provide Wall-Mounted Hotel Bathroom Hair Dryer-White available to buy online. Our bathroom hotel hairdryers are an energy-efficient device that uses a powerful motor to quickly dry your hair made of stainless steel to prevent rust and other moisture damage.


Hotel hair dryers add an element of convenience and comfort guests have come to expect.

Hair dryers for hotels

Technoswiss specializes as a supplier of quality hair dryers for hotels. Out hair dryer brands consist mainly of the JVD a well-established french hair dryer manufacturer. 

Top 5 Commercial Grade Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

What Is A Wall Mounted Hair Dryer?

A wall mounted hair dryer consists of 2 parts: the blow dryer itself and a dryer base that fixed on the wall. The hair dryer is attached to the wall mounted base. And people can hang the dryer on the wall after blow-drying their hair. In commercial locations, having wall mounted hair dryers installed is more secure and convenient for both customers and business runners.

What Features Should Great Wall Mounted Hair Dryers Have


Since we’ve mentioned that wall mounted hair dryers are often used in the bathroom of commercial property, it’s no doubt that they can not make a loud noise as it will be super disturbing for others. A decent decibel level for a quiet hair dryer should be under 85 DB

Retractable Cord

Having a retractable cord makes the wire durable and long-lasting. Meanwhile, it provides your customers with more drying flexibility because adjusting the cord length is easy. Besides, the retractable cord will not get tangled like regular dryers.

LED Night light

LED night light is important for hotel bathrooms. It works as a gentle night light when the bathroom is dark, securing the customers. And a wall mounted LED night light is a good addition that makes the bathroom fancier and premium.

Auto Shut Off

The most important thing is safety when it comes to bathroom hair dryers. Some consumers will forget to turn off the dryer after using it. However, when the dryer has an auto shut off feature, the problem will not exist. The dryer will shut off when you placed it in the wall-mounted holder.

Best 5 Wall Mounted Hair Dryers In The Market

1. JVD Brittony Ionic

  • 1 600 W 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Ionic drying technology
  • 6 drying settings:
  • 2 airflow settings: 70 et 95 m3/h
  • 3 temperatures (including 1 cold)
  • Electrical insulation classe II IP21
  • Can be installed in bathroom zone 3
  • Colour: white



  • Wall-mounted hair dryer

This is one of our best-sellers – the TS ‘Bravo’ 1200W wall-mounted hairdryer. All our hairdryers are NRCS compliant to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

  • Perfect addition to a hotel room with multiple settings for user choice

  • Suitable for drawer-mount or wall-mounting
  • 1200W
  • 220V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Safety button on the handle for activation on/off
  • Three heat settings including COOL air setting
  • Automatic over-heating protection system
  • Electrical insulation class II IP21
  • Suitable for installation in bathroom zone 3
  • Colour: white
  • 1 year guarantee

3. TS Veloce

    • Wall-mounted hairdryer

The TS VELOCE 1800W hairdryer with a heavy duty, professional AC motor offers multiple heat and airflow options – ideal for a powerful blow dry or the thickest and longest hair.
With its avant garde styling, this hairdryer unit makes a beautiful & practical addition to the bathroom or dressing room area.

  • Perfect addition to a hotel room with multiple settings for user choice

  • 1800W Heavy Duty hairdryer
  • 230V 50/60Hz
  • Safety button on the handle for activation on/off
  • Multiple heat and drying settings including cool setting
  • Automatic over-heating protection system
  • Electrical insulation class II IP21
  • Suitable for installation in bathroom zone 3
  • Colour: chrome/black with black mounting.
  • 1 year guarantee


4. TS Ocean

The TS OCEAN is one of our best-selling anti-theft hairdryers. With secure wall-mounting, contemporary design, and a compact size, this hairdryer offers a powerful 1600W of drying power.

  • Wall-mounted hair dryer

  • Suitable for wall-mounting
  • 1600W
  • 220V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Safety button on handle for activation on/off
  • Three heat settings including COOL air setting
  • Automatic over-heating protection system
  • Silver chromed air inlet and filter
  • Electrical insulation class II IP21
  • Suitable for installation in bathroom zone 3
  • Colour: white
  • 1 year guarantee

5. TS Milano

  • Wall-mounted hair dryer

  • Secure slimline mounting for drawers
  • 1800W
  • 230V  50Hz
  • Safety button on handle for activation on/off
  • 6 drying settings:
  • – Airflow: 80 and 105 m3/h
  • – 3 temperatures (including 1 cold)
  • Automatic over-heating protection system.
  • Electrical insulation class II IP21
  • Suitable for installation in bathroom zone 3
  • Colour: white
  • 1 year guarantee


Our hairdryer range for hotels includes not only wall-mounted and non-wall-mounted hairdryers but also a wide selection of models varying in power. Our wall mounted hair dryers are a perfect anti-theft option giving hotels peace of mind. 



Precision-made & durable productsProduct Categories

Commercial Hair Dryers

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

Wall mount hair dryers provide commercial grade durability for use in hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, health spas and fitness clubs. …

Commercial Hair Dryers

Non Mounted Hair Dryers

Our selection of commercial hair dryers,  ideal for use in shower rooms and changing areas in a range of commercial environments…

Commercial Hair Dryers

Mounted Magnifying Mirrors

Our wall mounted magnifying miror range focus on simplicity, style and functionality. This collection…

Other Guest Room Items

We also supply a range of other premium quality guest room essentials including, Kettles
LED alarm-clocks
Bathroom scales
Mini bar fridges
Steam irons and complete ironing centres
In room safes
Retractable clothes lines
Luggage racks

Make use of our expertise

We can assist on projects of all sizes – from smaller refurbishments through to large scale projects both within South Africa and in the greater Africa region.

Why choose a wall-mounted hairdryer?

Quite simply, it is the most cost-effective and safe option in the long term. Our hairdryers are delivered ready for direct-wire installation by a qualified electrician, with no visible power cords or plugs. Once installed you can expect many years of hassle-free use. One of the main features with this model is that it is anti-theft, making it a great investment for hotels, lodges and B&Bs.

What is the difference between a hairdryer with an AC motor and a DC motor?

An AC motor is designed specifically for professional-type hair dryers that require high performance, operate almost continuously and in a powerful way. For example, the hairdryers used by hairdressers in a professional salon. An AC type motor is capable of producing high air pressure which makes the hairdryer very effective, with a useful life of about 2000+ ‘drying’ hours. These are generally the larger hairdryers.
A DC motor is found in hairdryer models that operate on direct current. Their performance, although very good, has an air pressure lower than those with AC motors. These hairdryers are characterized by an average life of approx. 1200+ hours, and with a much more manageable and light structure which makes them suitable for home or hotel use.

What is hairdryer wattage?

Contrary to preconceptions, the choice of a hairdryer is not solely a question of wattage (power). Although wattage can be a good indicator, some hairdryers are designed to give a superior quality of drying despite having less power, thereby using less energy. In addition, very hot, powerful drying is not suitable to all hair types, and can in fact contribute towards hair damage. As a result, it is important to offer solutions to guests which allow them to adjust the speed and heat of the hair dryer.

What is so special about an IONIC drying feature in a hairdryer?

Some hairdryers – including a number of our Technoswiss hairdryers – have an ionizing system. These generate ions to neutralize the static electricity that can appear on hair while drying it. This lower temperature system greatly improves the speed of drying, and is much more caring for the hair. The end result is hair that is sleeker and smoother, and not robbed of moisture.



The importance given to reducing the ecological footprint is another core value of JVD’s The French Touch

Beginning with the design phase, JVD products are made to minimize their impact on the planet. From packaging to power consumption, each detail is carefully conceived to preserve the environment. JVD design & manufactures highest quality products meant to withstand the test of time.

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